company Introduction


Founded in August 2020, Weishi Medical has established Shenzhen R&D Center, Zhongshan Manufacturing Center and Zhuhai Operation Center relying on the location advantages of the Greater Bay Area. It is composed of a number of industry veterans in the field of medical miniature visualization. Is a research and development, manufacturing, sales and service in one of the high-tech enterprises. Weishi Medical mainly specializes in class II and III active, repetitive and sterile products. Provide hospitals with observation, diagnosis and treatment-related equipment, visualize and accurately reach the target position in the body through natural or artificial cavity visualization, thereby reducing patient pain and improving work efficiency for clinical users. Weishi Medical is committed to innovation and development, ingenuity, pragmatism and truth-seeking, and attentive service! The company continues to develop and innovate according to clinical needs. Launched a full range of multi-clinical practical endoscopic tools to make endoscopy more popular and achieve comprehensive visualization of diagnosis and treatment. Micro-vision medical treatment, creating inclusive endoscopes, in line with clinical medical needs. Create an era of comfortable diagnosis and treatment!